partnership in special projects

Do you need professional support?

I am offering more than classic consulting, putting for your disposal the interdisciplinary education and many years of professional experience in modern business, public administration, consulting and non-profit organizations. I add creativity, focus on details, reliability and responsibility to each project. My services combine respect for professional knowledge and new technologies with legal meticulousness and respect for ethical principles. If you need professional support in projects or managing your organization, please let me know! 


Organization of management

Business plans and start-ups; strategic planning and strategy implementation; workflows optimization, restructurizations and organizational change management.

Project management

Managing complex project ventures requiring the coordination of interdisciplinary issues, as well as efficient organization and communication.

Lectures and trainings

Open and closed trainings for business and public administrative entities in the field of strategic management, Web design and movie production.

Legal support

Support in the field of contract, consumer and copyright law as well as drafting internal law acts, contracts, publications, advertisements and other texts.

Graphics and Web design

Designing and creating websites what includes conceptual, functional and graphic studies as well as copywriting and multimedia productions.

Film and multimedia

Documentaries, commercials, instructional films and reports from events, including work on the script, photos and editing, as well as webservices management.

Addressees of the offer and partners

Small, medium and large enterprises

Consulting and training for middle and senior management and special projects management.

Self-governmental and governmental administration

Projects and training courses based on experience in local and governmental administration.

Universities and training companies

Academic lectures, training courses in Polish and English, as well as management of special projects.

NGOs and private

Support in establishing associations and foundations and project management.

Foundations of cooperation


Proper diagnosis of the situation
is the first step to understanding needs,
setting goals and tasks.


Agreeing on concepts and establishing channels of efficient communication is the basic condition for establishing good cooperation.


Clear scope of work, deadlines for tasks and the resources needed for completion assignments are the basic elements of a good project plan.


I offer interdisciplinary education and skills (technical, legal and managerial) acquired in Poland and abroad.


I offer you many many years of professional experience in international business, public administration and consulting.


I follow the maxim: Pacta sunt servanda!
I keep contracts and commitments. Customer satisfaction is my primary goal.

Everything can always be done better than it is being done.
Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.

Henry Ford

Forms of cooperation

Contract of mandate

A typical contract for the provision
of permanent advisory assistance. Taxation beneficial for the client.

Contract work

Usually with the transfer of copyright. Taxation favorable for the
contracting authority.

Management contract

Order with elements of a result agreement. Flexible working hours. Lowers the employment costs.

Interim management

Employment contract appropriate for a manager who manages projects over a long period of time.

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Examples of projects implemented for self-governmental and governmental entities.



Examples of projects implemented for enterprises and non-governmental organizations.



Examples of training projects implemented for business and public administration.



Presentation of selected documentaries, video-reports from events and music video clips.